Wednesday, April 13, 2016

1995 Topps Rich Gossage

Tops gave Rich "Goose" Gossage his final Topps card in the 1992 set. Gossage played his final season in 1994. He was not the closer he once was, but still was a valuable player, so it's strange to see that Toops didn't include him in a set from '93-'95, not even in a Traded set.

Cards that never Were did a 1991 Topps Traded card of Goose to fill in one of the holes in Gossage's Topps run. I have the 1993 and 1994 Gossage cards on my list of cards to make, but if everything goes well, I may not have as much free time to make cards in the coming months/years as I have had, but it will be worth it I think. I'll eventually make Rich's missing Topps cards, if not in the coming months, than certainly in the years to come if I keep this blog going, and there is nothing right now saying that I won't, just might be a slower pace of posting and making cards.

Thanks to checking out my latest custom.

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