Monday, April 18, 2016

1994 Topps Draft Pick Derrek Lee

Topps for some reason left Derrek Lee off of their Draft Picks subset in the 1994 Topps set. Lee was featured in just about all of the other sets that year that included draft picks (Bowman, Collector's Choice, Pinnacle, Score, and Upper Deck), but was left off of good ol' Topps. His first Topps card would come in the 1996 on a 1B Prospects card, and he would get many other Topps cards throughout his career (besides a sunset card), but I would've figured that Topps would've got him in the '94 set.

This card was pretty simple to make, and now that I have the template made for it, I will probably make many more draft cards from '94. The good thing about just about all of the draft pick cards that Topps made after 1991 is that they don't have 'First Round' listed on them, so you can make a rookie card for anyone who got drafted and signed that year. I could theoretically make an Albert Pujols Draft Pick card from 1999 Topps and combine him with the biggest name that didn't get a card in that set, and have a card with 2 mega superstars on it that would never have been possible because card companies would've never paired the two, but now with customs becoming more prevalent, things like that are possible.

It's been busy, busy, busy around here, and I haven't made many non-1992 Topps cards lately, but I am about 1/4th of the way done with the backs of all of the coach cards in that set, and after that it should be smooth sailing. I'm hoping to be done with that set in a few months, and hopefully after that, I can make some more customs for this blog (including the previously mentioned 1994 Topps Draft Pick cards and the '99 Pujols.

Thanks for checking out my latest card.

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