Thursday, December 31, 2015

1999 Topps Rafael Belliard

Growing up as a teenager in the late '90's, I got to watch a lot of good Atlanta Braves teams play on TBS. So I ended up rooting for them as a second favorite team behind my Detroit Tigers and before my Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays started playing. I even had my room painted in Braves colors at some point. 

Rafael Belliard was a key player on those clubs, starting a good share of games, and also coming off of the bench as a defensive replacement. Raffy got cards in Topps sets up till 1995, then was left off of the set starting from 1996 on. His last card on a major brand was in 1998, and no cards are listed for him in 1999 in the Trading Card Database, which I use for alot of the research as well as templates for my custom cards, so that means that nobody issued a card for Belliard with his final career stats on it.  

My custom just uses the relatively easy to use '99 Topps design, and I took the best picture I could find, resized it, and now Belliard has a sunset card. 

I hope everyone had a great 2015 and has a happy and safe 2016! I hope to post alot more customs, maybe put a dent on finishing some of the backs on my custom 1992 Topps set, and maybe get alot closer to giving many of the star players of the '90's and 2000's a sunset card, a coach card, a manager card, a highlight card, or a card the year after they won a World Series, as well as finish off the '98 and '99 Topps Devil Rays sets. Pretty lofty goals, but we'll see. Thanks for checking out my latest post.


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