Friday, December 11, 2015

1999 Topps Joe Carter

Joe Carter has appeared on many Topps card throughout his career, but also has missed out on a few cards. His last Topps card was a 1998 cards with the Toronto Blue Jays. He should've got a sunset card in 1999 with the Baltimore Orioles, but Topps didn't put him in the set. I made him one here to finish out his Topps run. I would've also loved to see Topps give him a card in the 1994 set highlighting his World Series winning HR in the '93 Series. This is what my version of the card would look like:

As you can see, the '99 Carter sunset card is the 99th card in my custom set. The 100th card in my set will be a kind of unusual card, but it has meaning to me, and since it is my set, I'm ok with that. I'll be doing some work with some blog themes in the next series (cards #101-150), and I may add some new themes if I can come up with some. 

I'll keep working on cards and probably post once or twice a week for the remaining of the year. Hoping to get some nice cards done and posted this year and get a few series done next year, maybe get up to the 200's. Thanks for checking out my latest card.


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