Friday, December 18, 2015

2001 Topps Doug Jones

Doug Jones was a valuable relief pitcher during his career. He set the Cleveland Indians saves record in 1988 and was generally at the top of the list of most saves every year. His rookie season was in 1982, but Doug didn't get a Topps card until the 1988 set. He appeared in most of the Topps sets from then on, getting his last card in the 1998 set. His last season in MLB was 2000, and he missed out on cards in the '99, '00, and '01 Topps sets.

I actually saw Doug pitch in '99 when the As came to Tampa to take on the Rays. Oakland didn't have a really good club back then but they must've had a lead in that game if they brought Doug in to close it.

This card was pretty easy to make and I think it came out pretty close to what a real 2001 Topps card would look like.

I'm almost finished making cards for the Dick Pole Project. Just have his '10 Topps card to do. I'll probably post them sporadically and finish up with a picture of his complete Topps run. Some great cards are coming up so stay tuned. Thanks for checking out my latest card.


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