Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What's been going on at my other blog

I don't know if my readers know about it or not, but I have another blog that I do besides this one called Completing the 1992 Topps Set. In the blog, I am making custom 1992 Topps cards for players who weren't included in the original 1992 Topps and 1992 Topps Traded sets. It will be 413 cards I am adding to the set, with the last card being card #1205 (I started the first card in the set at 793. I have finished making templates for all of the different teams in the leagues, and am up to card #821 (Blaine Beatty). Here is a sampling of some of the cards I've done.

The backs are hard as heck to do because many of the players were mid-way through their careers or were a season or 2 away from retirement. I can get their career stats from www.baseball-reference.com, but I still have to subtract a few years of stats, or figure out Slugging Percentage for their career up to '91, so it can be difficult. Rookies can be hard as well, since I either have to look up their Minor League stats on BB Reference, or try to find stats on a Minor League or early trading card. All-in-all, I haven't had too much trouble so far, and it's been fairly easy to find pics of all the players I have needed so far.

I would love it if you would check my other blog out if you haven't found it already, and if you have any tips, suggestions, questions, or comments, let me know. And if you are super awesome, and would love to help me make customs for my 1992 Topps (or this blog's) project, even better. Thanks for checking out my customs!

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