Wednesday, March 13, 2024

2023 Heritage blaster

 A couple nights ago we were at Wally World and I ended up with a discount blaster of 2023 Heritage. It turned out to be a good purchase as it netted me some cards of guys I collect, teams I collect, and of some guys I might see in June. Karen got out of the hospital on Saturday and has been slowly getting back to normal and starting to breathe better. It will be nice to see her get some labs done and have the numbers be good, but seeing her be able to do well going to the store and not get winded was nice. 

I just took pictures of non-dupes. I got a total of 4 Chicago Cubs cards. The Rays play the Cubs at the Trop a day before my birthday in June, and Karen was telling me she might get some tickets, so the Cubs will come in handy for autograph chances. Logan Gilbert is a Stetson University product who I collect but I have one for the pc, so this one goes in the Mariners binder eventually. 
Scherzer is another guy I collect. I have his Rangers Heritage card, so this Mets one will go next to it. I pulled a bat card of Javy Baez. I doubt the bat is game used, because Baez couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn, and the bat piece looks like it has been used. The rookies were nice as I got a Francisco Alvarez, the Cubs 4 player SP card, and Brayan Bello, the newest Red Sox player to sign a long term deal. 

The flashback card is kind of cool. At first it looked like maybe an indoor pool at a YMCA, but when I read the card, apparently it is an airport. The playoff card is an SP and will go in my highlights binder. I’ve pulled the SB leaders card before, so one will go with each team. The last card is a Corbin Burnes/Steve Carlton insert. I really hope Burnes can pitch like Steve Carlton for the Rat-Birds. Like Carlton in 1987 and 1988. Except without getting the championship ring like Carlton did in 1987. Rays up!!

The next week or 2 are planned out for me. Work tomorrow, off Friday where I’ll probably bite the bullet and mow our lawn. Work Saturday, church Sunday, work 4 days, and fly to Michigan on Thursday. I hope to meet up with Stu (aka Poison75) at a card shop in Michigan, and I’ve been pulling some stuff for him and we’ll hopefully do an in person swap and I can pick up some Topps needs at the shop. We’ll spend a few days in Michigan and see family and go to a wedding and I’ll come back with some Tigers swag and Dutch chocolate sprinkles to eat on sandwich bread. I’ll have to take a picture when I get back. Bread, butter, and chocolate sprinkles. Lots of chocolate sprinkles. After we get back, it will be spring break the week before Easter, so it will be crazy at work, but I’ll get one day off at some point. What I do that day will depend on where Kyler will be. If he’s in his normal day care that he goes to in the summer, I might try to meet up with John from Johnny’s Trading Spot if he’s available, perhaps see if my friend Jim a few miles from me wants to go to a card shop or something, and I also have a guy I know in Daytona who wants to swap cards. The last option might be good as he has some Topps cards that could help me out with sets, and a box or 2 of junk wax stuff. I have a ton of doubles in boxes and we might just do a swap of my dupes for stuff I need from his boxes. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure, right?  It is going to be a whirlwind the next 2 weeks, but at least Ill be having some fun and getting some cards and trading with some cool people. I’ll probably finish logging the Mariners into TCDB at some point before leaving for Michigan leaving me with 3 more teams and a few binders left before my entire collection will be logged. The latest count is a little over 94,000 cards, and at some point, Ken Griffey, Jr. jumped into the #1 spot, and I still have cards from 1999 to the present to log, so that will be more Griffey cards to add to his total. 

Thanks for checking out my latest post. 


  1. I saw a couple discounted Heritage blasters at what's left of the card aisle at my Walmart a few days ago. Didn't get any because I've completed the set, and $18 isn't worth a few inserts and a relic.