Tuesday, January 3, 2023

2023 Collecting Goals

 I don’t believe I set collecting goals for last year, but with some of the blogging community doing so, I figured I might. I’ll set some big ones and small ones and see what happens. 


1. Complete a run of base Topps Detroit Tigers cards from 1980-2023 (including Update/Traded sets)
This one should prove to be difficult just because of 2 Verlanders in the 2005 set. There may be 1 or 2 other big rookies as well, but Verlander might cost more than most of the commons combined. 
2. Get a complete set run of Topps sets (including Update/Traded)  from 1986-2001 or so. 
This one might be difficult because of the 2000 Miguel Cabrera rookie. Carlos Beltran’s 1995 card might be difficult, but at least it’s nearer to my price range. I have the Jeter from 1993, and the Pujols and Ichiro from 2001. I have several complete sets in the run already (1990-1992, 1994, 1997, 1999-2000) , and several partial sets, but finding old commons in my price range might be difficult as well. 
3. Log all of my cards into TCDB
If I can do this, it will help me get a good inventory of what I need for the last goal, and perhaps help me make trades to reach it as well. 

1. Get the 2023 Topps Rays set
Easy, if I get the 2023 Topps complete set

2. Finish the 2023 Topps set
I know, the mock ups make it look scoreboardy and the head coming out of the logo is weird, but I have a run of complete Topps sets from 2019-2022, and it’s going to be so much fun going through my team and highlights binders in 20 years with Kyler (and perhaps his kids) and relive some of the seasons. 

3. Get the complete 1995 and 1998 Topps sets. 
This one should be pretty easy. I had a 1995 Topps one secured from eBay, but it turns out it was a Series 1 set, and I am in the painful process of returning it and getting my money back. I’ll probably try to get a set when the price is right and I have a little extra cash. 

That’s it for collecting goals. As far as other ones, I would love to get my boss promoted/fired/transferred/or just have him step down. I want to attend the Rays opening day game as it will be the teams 25th anniversary. It’s my 40th birthday this year, so hopefully do something memorable then. I’d also love to travel to a new state with my vacation time this year and perhaps see a new ballpark, but we might be leaning more to going on a cruise this year, which will be fun. I just need to have a decent amount of alone time with Karen and I hope to drink a good amount of alcohol as well. I would love for Karens head issues to go away, but that’s not under my control, neither is us having another baby or not. Perhaps we will move forward with adopting. We’ll see. The year is still young and full of possibilities. I hope to mature as a man, be less angry and depressed, be able to play lots of music this year, and grow closer to my family, and if I could do all of that, it will be a good year

I recently ordered the 1997 Topps set (2 separate orders with each series coming from different sellers), the 1999 Topps set, and 1999 Topps Traded set. The 1997 Series 2 and 1999 Topps regular sets have come in yet, and Kyler has helped me sort them into teams. 1997 Series 1 is on the way, and no eta on the 1999 Traded set. I have my eye on a 1998 Topps set. The set looks like it was opened, but from the outside of the box, it appears that it is the Inaugural Rays set. The seller is out of town and says it is his dads stuff, but will confirm with me if it is the Rays set. If it is, I will consider the ‘98 set off of my list. As a Rays fan, I would love to get this set, so hopefully it is, and I can get it before it goes. Then I just need to look for a decent priced ‘95 set. 
I have 2 full days off next Monday and Tuesday. I might just spend them in the garage with my laptop inputting my Topps cards from 1986-2001 or so from all of my binders and see what I am missing. Then, in the next month or so, perhaps drive up to Ocala with my dupes box and some stuff for John and see what I can find in his dupes. Whatever is missing I’ll try to swing trades for and maybe get some of these goals completed. 

I wish everyone a happy new year and hope they can accomplish all of their personal and card goals this year. 

Thanks for checking out my latest post. 


  1. Guaranteed to find most if not all of those Topps commons sitting in my garage. Heck I might even have a spare Verlander RC in the box sitting on my kitchen table (that's where I am doing what little I do for the blog right now).

  2. Logging my collection into TCDB is a 2023 goal for me as well. Doubt I'll be able to get everything on there in the near future, but I'd at least like to get a good chunk done.