Monday, November 28, 2022

A little patience

 About 2 weeks ago, my laptop gave me an error message, and from everyone I talked to and comments posted here,it sounds like I ran out of memory and it might not be able to get fixed. I was able to find another on during some Black Friday sales, and it should be shipped over to my house on the first day of December. It could’ve been over the day before, but it would’ve had to pay 30 bucks extra. No thanks. I’ll be patient and wait a day. I think I’ll just add the templates of the set I’m currently working on with the customs and keep them on my laptop and just try to keep the files on my laptop to a minimum. I think most of the templates and stuff I need have been uploaded to this here blog. So give it a few weeks, and I’ll be back to work on the 1996 Topps set again. 
While I don’t have to be patient with the laptop as I only have to wait a few more days, I probably will when it comes to getting some cards from COMC. I waited until today to look for their Black Friday sales, and since they only last until midnight, it wouldn’t have been enough time to get what I really wanted to from my wantlists, so I will probably wait until we get our tax refund back in a few months. Not a big deal, but just another chance to exercise some patience. I did, however get some cards recently, from a few different places, and I’ll try to do a post when so get the chance, maybe from my new laptop. Stay tuned. 
Thanks for checking out my latest post. 

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  1. while you wait, try removing the laptop battery to see if that clears the error message. I just went through a similar but different issue. So far si good for me. If it makes it better, with the new laptop soon to arrive, at least you'll save the data.