Thursday, August 4, 2016

Coaches Center Part 6: 1999 Topps #494 Billy Hatcher Coach

Billy Hatcher was a Big League Outfielder from 1984-1995. He played for the Cubs from '84-'85, then it was on to the Astros in 1986. He stayed with them through the middle of the 1989 season, then was traded to the Pirates. He spent 1990-1991 with the Reds, winning the 1990 World Series with them. He played with the Red Sox in 1992 and 1993, spent 1994 with the Phillies, and his final season was with the Rangers in 1995.
His coaching career began in the minors in 1997, and he got promoted to the Majors to start the 1998 season with the Devil Rays. He remained with them through the end of the 2005 season. In 2006 Billy started coaching with the Reds, and remains with them today as a coach.

Billy started appearing in Topps sets in 1986, and was in every set through 1995. He is missing a 1985 card and a 1996 card from his playing days, and 1999-2016 cards from his coaching career.

It was tough to find pictures of Billy in the pre-2000 Devil Rays uniform. I wish I would've took more pictures during the 10 or so games I went to in 1998 and 1999, but I was 15 and technology was pretty new back then and I didn't know what a custom baseball card was back then. Oh well. The photo I found will work for the card. This card marks the start of a ton of '99 Topps Devil Ray cards, but once they are done, I have some neat cards coming up, stay with me. Thanks for checking out the latest card.

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