Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Hall of Fame customs

It has been a while since the HOF voting was announced, and although I think more players should've been added and one or two shouldn't have been added, here are some customs that I have done of each Hall of Famer.

I had a little help from Richard B. on the Baines card, but all of the rest were my customs, and missing rookie card at that. Figured I would post these to hold you over until I finish the '84 Topps set. Only about 12 teams left.
I keep checking the Topps site every day, hoping that their custom card maker will have the 2019 Topps design, but so far nothing. Perhaps they have caught on to our methods. Hopefully it will have them soon, because there are going to be many missing coach, manager, player, and team cards, and the regular design is a pain in the butt to replicate.
Sorry for the short post, but rest assured I am working on missing player checklists, organizing my card binders, and finishing the '84 Topps set. Thanks for checking out my latest post.

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