Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Guys who should be in the Hall of Fame besides Selig

Last post I went off about Bud Selig being elected to the Hall of Fame. For this post, I want to discuss some players I feel should be in the Hall and for some reason aren't. Most of these guys are steroid-era guys. If I have a custom of them, I will put it up as well.

-Pete Rose. Pete is the career Hits leader in MLB. He admitted he bet on baseball, and if Selig, the kind of covering up sins is in, so should Rose.

-Joe Jackson. There is debate on if he really  helped throw the '19 World Series, and again, if Selig is in, Joe should be in.

-Barry Bonds. No question, if anyone from the steroid era needs to be in the Hall, it is Bonds.

-Curt Schilling. He was dominant in the regular season and postseason. No question he should be in.

-Jeff Bagwell. Bags was a great power hitter, and got on base alot. He would've even been greater if not for injuries.

-Larry Walker. I think some of Larry Walker's monster seasons get him in.  Many players who were considered the best of their decade got in the Hall, and Walker was certainly one of the best players in the '90's.

-Fred McGriff. Fred would be in already if he would've stayed with the Braves for the rest of his career. Falling 7 HRs short of 500 hurt him, and so did playing in Tampa. Put him in, already.

-Rafael Palmeiro. He hit 500 HRs and has 3000 Hits. He was one of the top hitters of the '90's.

-Sammy Sosa. Sosa was an elite HR hitter even before the steroid deal of 1998. Check out some of his stats from 1992-1997.

-Dave Parker. Parker was an elite power hitter on many playoff teams. I was surprised when I found out he wasn't in.

-Vladimir Guerrero, Vlad could hit a pitch in the dirt for a mile. He was one of the best players of the 2000's, and he never got a chance to play in 2012 because I believe the owners colluded to keep him out of MLB.

-Trevor Hoffman. Hoffman was an elite closer who held the MLB career Saves record for a short time.  Let him in already.

-Andy Pettite. As much as I hate the Yankees, I think he should be in. He was a great lefty who should've won the 1996 Cy Young award.

-Manny Ramirez. 500 HRs, a great playoff record. No question he should be in.

-George Steinbrenner. Another Yankee I don't like, but because of his legacy and legend, he should be in.

-Omar Vizquel. He was one of the best defensive players of his generation. Put him in.

-Joe Torre. I hate the Yankees. He was a great manager, even with the Cardinals before he was with New York. He was a decent player who won an MVP award. He's in.

-Jim Leyland. He led the Pirates to the Playoffs 3 times, the Marlins to a title, and the Tigers to the World Series twice. He deserves to be in.

Even before the steroid rumors, he his 49 HRs in his rookie season. Elect McGwire and get on with your lives.

These are just a few of the guys who I feel should be in. If Selig is in, so should guys who might have been overlooked because of their character or whatever.

Thanks for checking out my latest post.

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  1. Now that Selig and LaRussa are in... I think guys like Clemens and Bonds will be following soon enough.