Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Favorite Player Collection Part 13: 1990 Topps #842 Stu Tate

Stu Tate only played 1 season in the Majors, but he still made my Favorite Player Collection. I am a big fan of all things Auburn University, and Tate played at Auburn before appearing in the Majors.

Stu only has 2 major cards, a 1990 Fleer that he shares with Greg Smith, and a 1990 Topps Debut card, which I stole the photo from since I can't find any with him in a Giants uni.

I sent Stu his 1990 Fleer card and a minor league issue ttm, and he returned them signed. I believe I still have them, but they may have not made it out when I sold most of my autograph binders, I'll have to check later today. I asked him in my letter if he cheered for the Alabama Criminal Tide or Auburn, and he responded War Eagle, and put the years he attended, and that is how I found out he attended there. I still have the letter if nothing else.

Thanks to Greg from Night Owl Cards for posting about the 1992 Topps Dodger customs that I made for him. They were fun to make, and I hope to print out more customs, maybe the entire '92 set. I'm working on '94 Topps templates right now, and give it a few month, I will have complete checklists and templates out for most Topps sets from 1989-2001 and customs as well. Thanks for checking out my latest post.

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