Saturday, July 30, 2016

1999 Topps #473 Terry Pendleton

Terry Pendleton was a solid 3rd Baseman for many years in the Majors. He came up with the Cardinals in 1984 and stayed with the through 1990. He signed with the Atlanta Braves as a free agent in 1991 and went on to win the 1991 NL MVP award and the NL batting title. He signed with the Marlins for 1995, missing out on the Braves' only World Series title of the '90's. He came back to the Braves for 1996, played for the Reds in 1997, and finished out his career in 1998 with the Royals. After his playing career, he became a coach with the Braves in 2002, and is still a coach to this day.

TP is only missing 2 cards in his career Topps run. He is in every set from 1985-1997, but is missing cards in the '98 and '99 sets. With this '99 Topps custom, he only needs a '98 Topps custom to finish his run of Topps cards. If you include coach cards, he is missing a lot more cards, as he needs cards from the 2003 set up to this years' set and the still to come out 2017 set (assuming Topps doesn't make coach cards).

Thanks for checking out my latest card.

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