Wednesday, July 27, 2016

1993 Topps Junior Felix

Junior Felix played in the Majors from 1989-1994. He appeared on a good number of cards during that time, getting a card every year during his career. Felix started his career with the Blue Jays in 1989. He stayed with them through 1990, then played with the Angels in 1991 and 1992. He got selected by the Florida Marlins in the Expansion Draft in late 1992, and suited up for Florida in 1993. He played for the Detroit Tigers in his final season (1994). 
His first Topps card came in the 1989 Traded set. He got into the regular issue in 1991 and 1992. His 1993 card is iconic and has had many posts written about it. Topps took the photo in an Angels-Indians game in 1992. He is shown sliding into home with Indians catcher Junior Ortiz trying to tag him. Gary Gaetti's card that year also features him sliding into home in that game, and Otriz's '93 card features a shot of the Gaetti play just seconds later. Felix got into the '94 Traded set and finished out his Topps run in the 1995 regular set. 

Junior should've got a 1993 Topps card in Series 2 as he was selected by the Marlins in the Expansion Draft. Many other players who were selected by the Marlins (and Rockies) in the draft got Series 2 cards in their new uniforms, and there were also some in the Traded set. Junior had a '93 Finest card, a '93 Stadium Club card, and a '93 Team Stadium Club card showing him in his Marlins duds, so it's confusing as to why he was left off of the '93 Series 2 set. With this custom, it finishes up his career Topps run and gives him his Marlins card. 

I haven't had time to work on cards in a while, and probably won't next week, but I did try to print some and they actually came out pretty good. I'm going to see a relative who is in the minors tomorrow, and I'm going to give him some cards I made and printed, so we'll see what he thinks. 

Thanks to checking out my latest card. 

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