Saturday, June 18, 2016

1989 Topps Steve Carlton

I have looked all over, but I have been unable to find a 1989 Topps custom of Steve Carlton. I'll be the first to admit that mine certainly isn't the best, but now we finally have one. Steve got his last Topps card in the 1987 Topps Traded set. He really isn't missing too many cards from Topps during his career, just missing a 1966 issue, a 1988 Topps card, and his 1989 Topps sunset card. Interestingly, he has 3 1987 Topps cards featuring him win 3 different teams. His regular card features him with the White Sox, his '87 Traded card shows him with the Indians, and he has a box bottom card that could be found on the bottom of 1987 Topps boxes featuring him with the Giants. So 3 '87 cards with 3 different teams, but no cards in 1988 or 1989. Crazy.

I probably should've used a smaller font on this card, but it was too late when I realized it. I need to watch a tutorial on how to write text on a path using GIMP. I tried following directions to 1 video I watched, but it must've been a different version of GIMP because some of the screens they had up weren't on my version. One day I will figure it out and sets like 1989 Topps, 2002 Topps, and 2006 Topps will be a lot easier.

I haven't been doing too many customs lately as I am trying to get all my loose baseball cards in binders before I have to give up my man cave so it can become a nursery. Hopefully in our next house I can have a basement or something to call my own and I'll have all my binders out and I will finally hang up all my posters and things that have been in boxes for the past 10 years or so waiting for the perfect room. I probably will hold off on making customs for a little bit, but that's ok because I have about 50 that I haven't posted. Thanks for checking out the latest one.

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  1. Interesting that a HOF of his caliber didn't at least have an '88T card.