Monday, April 20, 2015

1990 Topps Dick Pole

Card #2 in the Dick Pole Project is his 1990 Topps card. This card highlights the 1989 season where Pole got a great season out of starters Mike Bielecki, Greg Maddux, and otheres, and the Cubs won the NL East. They had to meet the Will Clark and the San Francisco Giants in the NLCS, unfortunately, and weren't able to make it to the World Series.

With Pole's '89 and '90 Topps cards done, I just have his '91 Topps card, and a few changes on the '92 Topps I have already made, and I will be done with the cards from his first stint as Cubs pitching coach. Then I will do his cards as a coach of the Giants, which will be fun because there are more photos to choose from, and I will be making coach cards in the '94-'98 Topps sets, which didn't get any coach or manager cards, so I will have to come up with my own design for them.

I promise I will get back to the normal checklist eventually, and that I didn't drop the 1994 Topps Dale Murphy (I will finish the Dick Pole Project, and add the cards that I didn't drop from the checklist after the Pole Project is done). I have the feeling I will drop a good number of cards from this and the next series, and then stick with it (mostly) after that. Thanks for checking out the next card in the Dick Pole Project. Comments and input are always welcome.

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