Saturday, November 25, 2023

2023 Topps Chrome Update Blaster

 After work today we went to Target and I picked out a blaster of Topps Chrome Update. Not my usual product, but I enjoy Chrome refractors and you can hit the jackpot with a big rookie. The blaster was a winner for me, with a few guys I collect, some Rays, and nice rookies and refractors. Let’s have a look. 
The newest player I collect, Type 1 Diabetic Mason Miller was a nice surprise, and so was the newly crowned World Champion Jacob deGrom. My refractors were nice to me as I got a Pink one of Ray Kevin Kelly, and another one, this one a sepia one of Rays rookie Taj Bradley. 
Got a few decent rookies, including an ‘88 of Josh Jung, and a Purple refractor of Rat-Bird rookie Grayson Rodriguez. Might have to start rooting for him but hope the team loses. The other refractors weren’t earth shattering, but at least they weren’t Yankee$ or Padre$. 

Most of these are available if you need them. I feel like Update Chrome is a set that doesn’t get out there very much as other sets are issued at the same time or shortly after. Glad I was able to find this blaster in the wild. 

Wednesday I’m off and I hope to log more Brewers in the TCDB. Eventually it will all get done and hopefully between now and then, there will be more trade posts on this blog. 

Thanks for taking the time to check out my latest post. 


  1. I'll probably head over to Ormond Wednesday, and clean out the dime boxes of the Chrome Update and the other recently released stuff.

  2. Didn't Chrome just come out, didn't Update just come out? Now Chrome Update is here? I can't keep up.

    1. It really doesn't seem to make much business since for Topps to cram so many releases into the end of the calendar year during the offseason, but no one asks me how to run their business for some reason.

  3. That Bregman is pretty neat, and the pink refractor is a nice pull for your PC. I'm as much of a Yankee hater as anyone but I actually like that '88 Cole. Must be the nostalgia, lol.

  4. Nice looking cards. Sucks that the increased blaster cost basically priced me out of sampling them.