Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Unexpected trip to the card shop

 So a few days I put up a post about basically us getting new flooring and doing some painting. I was kind of freaking out about having to have to pack up everything like we were moving, and I probably said some things in it that were hasty, so I went ahead and took it down. 
Fast forward to today, it turns out that it wasn’t too bad having to take everything down and it didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it would, and we even got a little painting done today. One of Karens friends, actually. We’ve been paying her to do some housekeeping that we have just been too busy to get to for the past few months, and it’s been nice, and she did all of the packing and painted some of our front entryway today. 
I got off work and rushed to pick up Kyler from school, and on the way home Karen called and said her friend wasn’t done painting, and told me to find something to do for half an hour like go to a card shop or something. Well, you don’t have to tell me twice to go to a card shop, so we headed over to the one by our house. 
If not for having a 5 year old and me having a full bladder I would’ve spent a much longer time, but I spent a good 20 minutes or so. I was hoping their pencil boxes with team cards would be there. The Junk Wax Gems blog recently posted about a few of the latter 2002 Topps factory sets having corrected versions of some photo errors in them. The pencil boxes at my LCS have had 2002 Topps cards in them ever since I’ve been coming there, and with the sheer amount, I figured they were from a broken up complete set. Unfortunately for me, I either didn’t notice them, or they weren’t there. They did have the normal .50 cent boxes, and I looked through the Rays and Tigers and tried to find Kyler and Ichiro in the Mariners. I also picked up a 1990 Topps Traded set for 10 bucks, probably too much, but it gives me complete sets from the 1988-1990 Topps sets (including traded). I’m probably a few regular 1987 Topps cards short of that one (and maybe the 1986 one as well). 
The ‘90 Traded Travis Fryman was so hot in the early ‘90’s and I am still shocked that it isn’t at least 15 bucks for that card. I was also surprised that the Paredes rookie was in the .50 cent box. He is a decent hitter for the Rays, and while not a rare parallel, I’ll take a parallel over a base card if offered. 

Not too many Rays today, but I did find a Shane Baz parallel rookie (hope his arm is good). I did good as far as favorite players. I may already have the Cecil Fielder, but I can add it to the Tigers binder. The ‘21 Pink Refractor of Didi is the first one from that set for me. After Night Owl’s post about Topps Chrome, I realized the last time I purchased a pack of Topps Chrome had to be 2018. Dang flippers!  Terry Leach and Casey Mize are both Auburn alumnus. The Yarbrough is the 4th ‘21 Chrome card I have of his. I believe I have his base, Fish Fractor, Green Wave Refractor, and Sepia Refractor. 
Of course, the rookies in the Traded set don’t go for nearly as much as back in the day, but they will still go in my rookie binder. The Franco was sitting in the .50 cent box and I figured I’d take a flier. I think he’s going to rebound from this year and his stuff  will probably be out of my price range soon enough, so if I can find a chance to get a cheap rookie year card of Wander, I’ll get it, even if I already have a copy. 
So that was my trip to the card shop. I found Kyler a 2020 Topps Update Ichiro, and he was happy with it. Hopefully this painting and new floor install will keep going smooth and maybe I’ll have to go to card shops on a whim. 
Thanks for checking out my latest post.