Saturday, June 5, 2021

1968 Topps missing Tigers

 After doing a post with the missing 1969 Topps cards of the Detroit Tigers, I decided to make customs of the missing guys (both yearbook and non-yearbook style) from the Tigers for the 1968 Topps set. I think this will probably the last that I deal with vintage customs for a while, but that doesn't shut the door to doing more in the future. Here are the 1968 Topps Tigers customs, with credit given for ones not done by myself.

Dave Campbell by David J. 

Lenny Green by David J.

I figure my next thing with customs include finishing off the rest of the 1998 Topps set. That feels like it's going to take forever to complete, but perhaps by the end of the year. Then, I'll get started on the 1991 Topps set. 
I probably shouldn't have, but I added all of my loose Rays cards to binders yesterday. I totally expected to get some new Rays cards in the mail yesterday, but nothing. I figured that I'm going to have to put them all in the binder at some point, and at some point, I'm going to get newer cards that will go into a box until whenever I decide to put them in the binder, so why not just bite the bullet. The Tigers are now really the only team that is missing loose cards (I guess my binder of checklists and the Yankees are missing ones too, but I don't really care about them). 
I'm expecting cards in the mail in the near future, but not sure when. The 2021 Bowman break that was supposed to happen ended up getting delayed because the box was damaged. A new box is supposed to reach the breakers midweek, so maybe I'll see what cards they pulled in about a week. Too bad Topps can't send damaged cards to collectors. I would take them. I ended up buying a 50-pack box of 2020 Topps MLB Sticker album stickers. I got a book and a number of packs of stickers about this time last year and Kyler has really enjoyed opening the sticker packs and putting them in the album. I figured it would be better than buying some from this years set since they are putting 1 less sticker per pack. Hopefully the 50 packs of 4 stickers will get us closer to finishing the album. It also means I will probably end up with a lot of dupes, so if anyone wants some, I can probably hook you up.
I also am going to participate in the box that is going to get mailed around that Johnny from Cards from the Quarry came up with.  I believe there is still a slot or 2 open, so if 15 bucks to dig through a few thousand cards sounds good to you, check out his page and sign up. I can't wait for it to get full so I can dig through it and fill it up with fun stuff. 
Also, Kerry from Cards on Cards is having a spring cleaning with cards where he is getting rid of unwanted cards in his collection, and there are a  few teams that still are open, so sign up if you find a team you like. All you have to do is send some Cardinal cards for his collection. 

Thanks for checking out my latest post.


  1. Daryl at the card show asked about you. Thought you said you were an A's fan, and brought you two figurines. I laughed, and told him Rays fan. and Tigers.

  2. Podres was retired in 1968. He came back for 1 season with the Padres in 1969.