Thursday, May 28, 2020

Trade with Card Hemorrhage/Pick Pockets

I recently got a package in the mail from Jay of Card Hemorrhage. We had emailed some about getting a little trade going. I sent him some guys from his PC, and he sent me back some nice Rays and Tigers for mine. 

The Tigers hit a bunch of needs for me. As I have been working on my Tigers Want List, I have discovered that I am in need of cards for 95% of junk wax sets, as well as vintage/newer ones. Thankfully, Jay helped out with all 3. With vintage, we have a '79 Topps Ron LeFlore League Leader, a 2nd year Topps Gibby, and an '84 Topps Tigers Leaders card. I really wish Topps would make something like that in current sets. The next 6 cards represent junk-wax era, and although they might be deemed 'junk' to someone else, I was happy to get them, as they each crossed a name off of a want list for me. The Gibson comes from the Fleer 1986 Baseball's Best Sluggers vs. Pitchers boxed set. The Ownie Carroll card is from a TSN (Conlon?) set which I remember seeing in stores as an elementary schooler. Then we have 4 from the '91 Topps Archives 1954 Topps reprint set. Each card marks the first of each player for me besides Fred Hatfield. I at one point had an early '50's Topps card signed by Fred (1953 maybe?), which got sold with my autographed cards a few years ago. The rest of the page is newer stuff, a '12 Topps V-Mart, a Harold Castro autographed 1st year Bowman, 4 cards from the 2016 Topps Tigers team set, a 2017 Heritage K-Rod, '19 Big League Niko Goodrum, a 2020 Heritage Dario Agrazal, and a '92 Upper Deck Cecil Fielder for my Favorite Player Collection binder. 
The Rays were well represented as well, with an '04 Playoff Honors Rocco Baldelli, Gypsy Queens of Matt Moore and Kevin Kiermaier, 2 '17 Topps cards of Corey Dickerson and Steven Souza, an '17 Heritage of Longo, a sweet Archives Purple parallel of Brandon Lowe, and 6 2020 Heritage Rays, Willy Adames, Ji-Man Choi, Travis d'Arnaud, Nate Lowe, Brendan McKay/Mike Brosseau, and Trevor Richards.
A great trade from a great new blog. Thanks, Jay.

As for the pick pockets mentioned in the title, Julie from A Cracked Bat has a page on her blog called 'Pick Pockets', where you basically can pick from a number of cards she has listed that she will send you. I found a few that fit my collection, so I 'picked' them, and they arrived in my mailbox yesterday. 
I had only picked 2, (a 2016 Heritage Pat Venditte and a 1999 Topps Stars Chipper Jones), but Julie sent a full binder page of cards. An unexpected kind gesture, and I definitely wasn't expecting to find what I did. I got a sweet looking 1998 SPx Finite Wade Boggs for my Rays binder, a Pacific Ty Cobb, a 2011 Bowman Platinum Avisail Garcia rookie card (one card of which I had got signed at one point and then sold), and then comes the wow card, a 1960 Topps Paul Foytack. 1960 Topps cards don't just pop into your lap, and when they do, not for free. I about fell out of my chair when I saw it. The last 2 cards besides the aforementioned PC guys are 2 1993 Cardtoons cards of Alan Trammell and Cecil Fielder.  
Thank you, Julie for the nice surprise cards in addition to the ones I picked.

That should wrap it up. I have 1 more trade to post about (hopefuly by the end of the weekend, and a few more that should be one the way, so the posts and updates to the Want Lists should keep coming for a while.
Thanks for checking out my latest post.


  1. You have been raking in the Rays and some excellent Tigers lately. Nice stuff from Card H. I'm happy you enjoyed the extras in your pockets. You kindly allowed me to pick a couple of nice cards recently. Wanted you to know I appreciated them!

  2. Julie is always very generous when it comes to throwing in extras!