Monday, May 23, 2016

1999 Topps Mike Difelice

Mike Difelice was a catcher for the 1998 Devil Rays. He came up in 1996 with the Cardinals, and was selected by the Rays in the Expansion Draft in late 1997. He stuck around until 2008, never getting into more that 93 games in a season, but serving as a valuable backup catcher, playing with the Rays, Tigers, Cardinals, D-Backs, Mets, Cubs, and Royals.

His only Topps cards came in the 2001 and 2003 Traded sets. Backup catchers don't get many cards, but being a Rays fan who went to about 5 games a year from 1998-2011 or so, I really wish Topps would've made team sets back in the late '90's and early '00's so I could've had a few cards of Defelice to get autographed.

We are in the middle of a 7 card stretch of 1999 Topps Devil Ray cards. I know the guys featured probably aren't household names, but I figured posting each one individually would shed light on their careers and maybe make the posts a bit more interesting. There are some more well-known players to come afterwards, I promise. I'm working on some of those cards as we speak. Thanks for checking out my latest card.

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