2000 Topps Reference Page

This page contains every template and the complete checklist for the 2000 Topps set. For the player name, I used Arial Black font at 11pt and bolded it. For the position, I used Arial Black font at 6pt and also bolded it. For managers and coaches, I just write manager/coach where the position would go. The Draft Pick template will be a pain to make, but I'll get it done eventually.

2000 TOPPS
7. Checklist 4
481. Mark Langston
482. Jack McDowell
483. Willie McGee
484. Otis Nixon
485. Kirt Manwaring
486. Paul Assenmacher
487. Mike Macfarlane
488. Tom Candiotti
489. Buck Showalter Manager by Richard
490. Daryle Ward
491. Derrick Gibson COL
492. Tony Saunders TB
493. Jim Abbott
494. Mike Blowers
495. John Cangelosi
496. Tony Fossas
497. Carlos Garcia
498. David Howard
499. Darrin Jackson
500. Rafael Bournigal
501. Jeff King KC
502. Darryl Strawberry by Richard
503. Dale Sveum
504. Derrick May
505. Mike Simms TEX
506. Brian McRae
507. Tony Phillips
508. Eric Plunk
509. Mike Portugal
510. Mel Rojas
511. Phil Nevin
512. Dick Pole Coach
513. Albert Pujols/Josh Beckett Draft Pick
514. Jason Varitek
515. Bob Wolcott BOS
516. J.C. Romero MIN
517. Jason Johnson TB
518. Kerry Robinson TB
519. Rich Butler TB
520. Kevin Stocker TB
521. Mike Difelice TB
522. Tim Laker
523. Bobby Dews Coach ATL by Richard
524. Larry Rothschild Manager
525. Jim Leyland Manager

T136 Albert Pujols
T137. Dick Pole Coach

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