1991 Topps Reference page

1991 TOPPS
This page contains all the templates and the official checklist for the 1991 Topps set. For the cards, I used Bell MT font at 10pt and made it bold, both for the position, and the player name. I did the text in black first, then did it in white over the black (example below). I make my cards in MS Paint at the standard 2.5 by 3.5 inch size, so you may have to adjust the settings depending on what program you are using. If you have any cards you've done and would like to cross off or add to the checklist, please leave me a comment, or email me at karensjer at gmail dot com.

Cards finished so far (June 2018 edition)
TEAMS FINISHED: Cincinnati Reds, Detroit Tigers, Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Mets, 

(with help from reader Paul B.)

793. Cecil Fielder Highlights
794. Jeff Bagwell
795. Todd Van Poppel Draft Pick
796. Dick Pole Coach
797. Ron Oester by The Writers Journey
798. Billy Bates by The Writers Journey
799. Goose Gossage by Cards that Never Were
800. Checklist 7
801. Ken Griffey Jr/Sr Highlights
802. Bill Buckner
803. Tony Clark Draft Pick
804. Jeromy Burnitz Draft Pick
805. Jerry Reuss PIT
806. Nolan Ryan Highlights TEX by Richard
807. Mike Mussina Draft Pick by Richard
808. Angels No-No Highlights CAL
809. Randy Johnson Highlights SEA by Richard
810. Dave Stewart Highlights OAK by Richard
811. Fernando Valenzuela Highlights LAD by Richard
812. Terry Mulholland Highlights PHI by Richard
813. Dave Stieb Highlights TOR by Richard
814. Don Aase LAD
815. Doug Bair PIT
816. Bob Boone KC by Richard
817. Thad Bosley TEX
818. Checklist 10
819. Ernie Camacho STL
820. Mark Clear CAL
821. Dave Collins STL by Michael from Custom Cards FB Group
822. Jody Davis ATL
823. Rich Dotson KC
824. Jim Dwyer MIN
825. Curt Ford PHI
826. Terry Francona MIL by Richard
827. Keith Hernandez
828. Bob Knepper SF
829. Rick Leach SF
830. Larry McWilliams
831. Greg Minton CAL
832. Tom Niedenfuer STL
833. Tom Nieto PHI
834. All Nipper CLE
835. Ken Phelps CLE
836. Dan Quisenberry SF
837. Wayne Tolleson NYY
838. John Tudor STL
839. Claudell Washington NYY
840. Keith Brown CIN
841. Kip Gross CIN
842. Gino Minutelli CIN
843. Glenn Sutko CIN
844. Alex Trevino CIN
845. Terry Lee CIN
846. Paul Noce CIN
847. Jackie Moore Coach CIN
848. Tony Perez Coach CIN by Richard
849. Sam Perlozzo Coach CIN
850. Larry Rothschild Coach
851. Stan Williams Coach CIN
852. 1990 Cincinnati Reds Team Photo
853. Oakland Future Aces by Jays Cards and Stuff
854. Russ Nixon MGR ATL
855. Bruce Del Canton COA ATL
856. Leo Mazzone COA ATL
857. Jimy Williams COA ATL
858. Clarence Jones COA ATL
859. Rob Majtyka COA ATL
860. Brian Snitker COA ATL
861. Bobby Wine COA ATL
862. Pat Corrales COA ATL
863. Joe Altobelli COA CHC
864. Chuck Cottier COA CHC
865. Jose Martinez COA CHC
866. Phil Roof COA CHC
867. Bob Cluck COA HOU
868. Matt Galante COA HOU
869. Phil Garner COA HOU by Richard
870. Rudy Jaramillo COA HOU
871. Ed Ott COA HOU
872. Ed Napoleon COA HOU
873. Joe Amalfitano COA LAD
874. Mark Cresse COA LAD
875. Manny Mota COA LAD
876. Ben Hines COA LAD
877. Ron Perranoski COA LAD
878. Bill Russell COA LAD
879. Joe Ferguson COA LAD
880. Larry Bearnarth COA MON
881. Tommy Harper COA MON
882. Ken Macha COA MON
883. Hal McRae COA MON
884. Tom Runnells COA MON
885. Rafael Landestoy COA MON
886. Davey Johnson MGR NYM by Richard
887. Mike Cubbage COA NYM
888. Doc Edwards COA NYM
889. Greg Pavlick COA NYM
890. Chuck Hiller COA NYM
891. Mel Stottlemyre, Sr. COA NYM
892. Larry Bowa COA PHI
893. Darold Knowles COA PHI
894. Hal Lanier COA PHI
895. Denis Menke COA PHI
896. Mike Ryan COA PHI
897. John Vukovich COA PHI by Richard
898. Milt May COA PIT
899. Gene Lamont COA PIT by Richard
900. Rich Donnelly COA PIT
901. Ray Miller COA PIT
902. Bruce Kimm COA PIT
903. Tommy Sandt COA PIT
904. Whitey Herzog MGR STL by Richard
905. Red Schoendienst MGR/COA STL by Richard
906. Steve Braun COA STL
907. Rich Hacker COA STL
908. Dave Ricketts COA STL
909. Jim Riggleman COA STL
910. Mike Roarke COA STL
911. Jack McKeon MGR SD
912. Sandy Alomar, Sr. COA SD
913. Pat Dobson COA SD
914. Amos Otis COA SD
915. Rob Picciolo COA SD
916. Jack Maloof COA SD
917. Denny Sommers COA SD
918. Dusty Baker COA SF
919. Bill Fahey COA SF
920. Wendell Kimm COA SF
921. Bob Lillis COA SF
922. Norm Sherry COA SF
923. Elrod Hendricks COA BAL
924. Curt Motton COA BAL
925. Al Jackson COA BAL
926. Tom McCraw COA BAL
927. Johnny Oates COA BAL
928. Cal Ripken, Sr. COA BAL by Richard
929. Dick Berardino COA BOS
930. Al Bumbry COA BOS
931. Bill Fischer COA BOS
932. Richie Hebner COA BOS
933. Rac Slider COA BOS
934. Joe Coleman COA CAL
935. Deron Johnson COA CAL
936. Jimmie Reese COA CAL
937. Bobby Knoop COA CAL
938. Marcel Lachemann COA CAL
939. Moose Stubbing COA CAL
940. Terry Bevington COA CHW
941. Sammy Ellis COA CHW
942. Ron Clark COA CHW
943. Walt Hriniak COA CHW
944. Dave LaRoche COA CHW
945. Rich Dauer COA CLE
946. Mark Wiley COA CLE
947. Luis Isaac COA CLE
948. Jose Morales COA CLE
949. Billy Williams COA CLE
950. Mike Hargrove COA CLE
951. Billy Consolo COA DET
952. Alex Grammas COA DET
953. Vada Pinson COA DET
954. Billy Muffett COA DET
955. Dick Tracewski COA DET
956. Glenn Ezell COA KC
957. Frank Funk COA KC
958. Adrian Garrett COA KC
959. John Mayberry COA KC
960. Bob Schaefer COA KC
961. Don Baylor COA MIL
962. Ray Burris COA MIL
963. Duffy Dyer COA MIL
964. Larry Haney COA MIL
965. Andy Etchebarren COA MIL
966. Tony Oliva COA MIN by Richard
967. Dick Such COA MIN
968. Wayne Terwilliger COA MIN
969. Rick Renick COA MIN
970. Rick Stelmaszek COA MIN
971. Bucky Dent MGR NYY by Richard
972. Mark Connor COA NYY
973. Billy Connors COA NYY
974. Mike Ferraro COA NYY
975. Joe Sparks COA NYY
976. Champ Summers COA NYY
977. Buck Showalter COA NYY by Richard
978. Dave Duncan COA OAK
979. Art Kusnyer COA OAK
980. Rene Lachemann COA OAK
981. Dave McKay COA OAK
982. Merv Rettenmund COA OAK
983. Tommie Reynolds COA OAK
984. Gene Clines COA SEA
985. Bob Didier COA SEA
986. Mike Paul COA SEA
987. Rusty Kuntz COA SEA
988. Bill Plummer COA SEA
989. Toby Harrah COA TEX
990. Tom House COA TEX
991. Dave Oliver COA TEX
992. Davey Lopes COA TEX
993. Tom Robson COA TEX
994. Galen Cisco COA TOR
995. John McLaren COA TOR
996. Mike Squires COA TOR
997. John Sullivan COA TOR
998. Gene Tenace COA TOR
999. Checklist 8
1000. Barry Bonds 100th HR HL PIT by Richard
1001. Andy Hawkins No-Hitter HL NYY
1002. Andre Dawson 300 HR-300 SB HL CHC
1003. Dave Stewart ALCS HL OAK
1004. Rob Dibble/Randy Myers NLCS HL CIN
1005. Jose Rijo World Series MVP CIN
1006. Tony LaRussa AS MGR OAK by Richard
1007. Roger Craig AS MGR SF
1008. Joe Morgan AS COA BOS by Richard
1009. Jeff Torborg AS COA CHW
1010. Jack McKeon AS COA SD
1011. Don Zimmer AS COA CHC
1012. Billy Jo Robidoux BOS by Paul
1013. Randy Kutcher BOS
1014. Danny Heep BOS
1015. Jeff Stone BOS
1016. Rick Lancellotti BOS
1017. Scott Cooper BOS
1018. Jim Pankovits BOS
1019. Jerry Reed BOS
1020. Eric Hetzel BOS
1021. John Leister BOS by Michael from Custom Cards FB Group
1022. Mike Rochford BOS
1023. Mike Flanagan TOR
1024. Tom Lawless TOR by Paul
1025. Rick Luecken TOR by Paul
1026. Carlos Diaz TOR
1027. Jim Eppard TOR
1028. Ozzie Virgil TOR
1029. Tom Quinlan TOR
1030. Tom Gilles TOR
1031. Paul Kilgus TOR
1032. Steve Cummings TOR
1033. Bob MacDonald TOR
1034. Brian DuBois DET by Paul
1035. Urbano Lugo DET by Paul
1036. Ed Romero DET
1037. Scott Lusader DET
1038. Jim Lindeman DET
1039. Rich Rowland DET
1040. Dan Petry DET
1041. Lance McCullers DET
1042. Randy Nosek DET
1043. Steve Wapnick DET
1044. Mike Schwabe DET
1045. Matt Kinzer DET
1046. Kevin Ritz DET
1047. Cecilio Guante CLE by Paul
1048. Mark McLemore CLE
1049. Rafael Santana CLE
1050. Albert Belle CLE
1051. Stan Jefferson CLE
1052. Beau Allred CLE
1053. Steve Springer CLE
1054. Jeff Shaw CLE
1055. Rudy Seanez CLE
1056. Mauro Gozzo CLE
1057. Kevin Bearse CLE
1058. Rod Nichols CLE by Paul
1059. Marty Brown BAL
1060. Brian Holton BAL by Paul
1061. Dorn Taylor BAL
1062. Mickey Weston BAL
1063. Brad Komminsk BAL
1064. Greg Walker BAL
1065. Donell Nixon BAL
1066. Juan Bell BAL
1067. Jose Bautista BAL
1068. Jay Aldrich BAL
1069. Kevin Hickey BAL
1070. Dan Boone BAL
1071. Mike Smith BAL
1072. Mike Capel MIL
1073. Tom Filer MIL by Paul
1074. Gus Polidor MIL by Paul
1075. Dennis Powell MIL
1076. Dale Sveum MIL
1077. George Canale MIL
1078. Paul Mirabella MIL
1079. Kevin Brown (LHP) MIL
1080. Bob Sebra MIL
1081. Narciso Elvira MIL
1082. Don August MIL
1083. Deion Sanders NYY by Richard
1084. Brian Dorsett NYY
1085. Jim Walewander NYY
1086. Mark Leiter NYY
1087. Jimmy Jones NYY
1088. Steve Adkins NYY
1089. John Habyan NYY
1090. Rich Monteleone NYY
1091. Doug Jennings OAK
1092. Steve Howard OAK
1093. Dann Howitt OAK
1094. Troy Afenir OAK
1095. Scott Hemond OAK
1096. Mike Norris OAK
1097. Steve Chitren OAK
1098. Dave Otto OAK
1099. Matt Stark CHW
1100. Mike Bordick OAK
1101. Jerry Willard CHW
1102. Jerry Kutzler CHW
1103. Steve Rosenberg CHW
1104. Shawn Hillegas CHW
1105. Cecil Espy TEX
1106. Chad Kreuter TEX by Paul
1107. Kevin Belcher TEX
1108. Bill Hasselman TEX
1109. Joe Bitker TEX
1110. Gerald Alexander TEX
1111. John Hoover TEX
1112. Ramon Manon TEX
1113. Craig McMurtry TEX
1114. Brian Bohanon TEX
1115. Max Venable CAL
1116. Rick Schu CAL
1117. Gary DiSarcina CAL
1118. Pete Coachman CAL
1119. Bobby Rose CAL
1120. Ron Tingley CAL
1121. Scott Bailes CAL
1122. Cliff Young CAL
1123. Scott Lewis CAL
1124. Sherman Corbett CAL
1125. Jeff Richardson CAL
1126. Bryan Clark SEA by Paul
1127. Brian Giles SEA by Paul
1128. Scott Medvin SEA
1129. Mike Brumley SEA
1130. Dave Cochrane SEA
1131. Vance Lovelace SEA
1132. Jose Melendez SEA
1133. Mike Gardiner SEA
1134. Gary Eave SEA
1135. Dave Burba SEA
1136. Jay Baller KC by Paul
1137. Chris Codiroli KC by Paul
1138. Israel Sanchez KC
1139. Jeff Schulz KC
1140. Gary Thurman KC
1141. Russ Morman KC
1142. Sean Berry FS KC
1143. Jim Campbell KC
1144. Luis Encarnacion KC
1145. Carlos Maldonado KC
1146. Daryl Smith KC
1147. Hector Wagner KC
1148. Fred Manrique MIN by Paul
1149. Rich Yett MIN by Paul
1150. Jeff Conine KC
1151. Pedro Munoz MIN
1152. Doug Baker MIN
1153. Lenny Webster MIN
1154. Chip Hale MIN
1155. Terry Leach MIN
1156. Paul Abbott MIN
1157. John Cangelosi PIT
1158. Jay Tibbs PIT by Paul
1159. Dann Bilardello PIT
1160. Mark Ryal PIT
1161. Steve Carter PIT
1162. Tom Prince PIT
1163. Carlos Garcia PIT
1164. Lloyd McClendon PIT by Mark
1165. Rick Reed PIT
1166. Mark Ross PIT
1167. Mike Roesler PIT
1168. Mark Huismann PIT
1169. Mario Diaz NYM
1170. Darren Reed NYM
1171. Kelvin Torve NYM
1172. Keith Hughes NYM
1173. Kevin Baez NYM
1174. Chris Jelic NYM
1175. Chuck Carr NYM
1176. Lou Thornton NYM
1177. Dave Liddell NYM
1178. Dan Schatzeder NYM
1179. Jeff Musselman NYM
1180. John Costello MON
1181. Brett Gideon MON by Paul
1182. Wallace Johnson MON by Paul
1183. Bob Malloy MON by Paul
1184. Orlando Mercado MON
1185. Johnny Paredes MON
1186. Rolando Roomes MON
1187. Jerry Goff MON
1188. Eric Bullock MON
1189. Dale Mohorcic MON
1190. Scott Anderson MON
1191. Rich Thompson MON
1192. Howard Farmer MON
1193. Kevin Coffman CHC
1194. Randy Kramer CHC
1195. Dean Wilkins CHC
1196. Gary Varsho CHC
1197. Rick Wrona CHC
1198. Jose Nunez CHC
1199. Dave Pavlas CHC
1200. Chuck McElroy PHI
1201. Kevin Blankenship CHC
1202. Brad Moore PHI
1203. Dickie Noles PHI by Paul
1204. Ron Jones PHI
1205. Louie Meadows PHI
1206. Chuck Malone PHI
1207. Steve Ontiveros PHI
1208. Todd Frohwirth PHI
1209. Ricky Horton STL
1210. Greg Mathews STL by Paul
1211. John Morris STL
1212. Denny Walling STL
1213. Rod Brewer STL
1214. Ray Stephens STL
1215. Stan Clarke STL
1216. Howard Hilton STL
1217. Barry Lyons LAD
1218. Jose Vizcaino LAD
1219. Carlos Hernandez LAD
1220. Brian Traxler LAD
1221. Luis Lopez LAD
1222. Dave Hansen Future Stars LAD
1223. John Wetteland LAD
1224. Ray Searage LAD
1225. Terry Wells LAD
1226. Jim Poole LAD
1227. Pat Perry LAD
1228. Darren Holmes LAD
1229. Mike Maddux LAD
1230. Mike Munoz LAD
1231. Mike Laga SF by Paul
1232. Mark Leonard SF
1233. Andres Santana SF
1234. Mark Bailey SF
1235. Tony Perezchica SF
1236. Mark Thurmond SF
1237. Randy O'Neal SF
1238. Ed Vosberg SF
1239. Mark Dewey SF
1240. Eric Gunderson SF
1241. Randy McCament SF
1242. Rick Rodriguez SF
1243. Greg Booker SF by Paul
1244. Rafael Novoa SF
1245. Paul McClellan SF
1246. Steve Lombardozzi HOU by Paul
1247. Terry Puhl HOU by Paul
1248. Javier Ortiz HOU
1249. Jeff Baldwin HOU
1250. Rich Gedman HOU by Michael from Custom Cards FB Group
1251. Terry McGriff HOU
1252. Bill Gullickson HOU
1253. Jim Clancy HOU
1254. Brian Fisher HOU
1255. Randy Hennis HOU
1256. Terry Clark HOU
1257. Brian Meyer HOU
1258. John Davis SD
1259. Rob Nelson SD
1260. Joey Cora SD
1261. Tom Lampkin SD
1262. Thomas Howard SD
1263. Eddie Williams SD
1264. Paul Faries SD
1265. Ronn Reynolds SD
1266. Pat Clements SD
1267. Rafael Valdez SD
1268. Alexis Infante ATL by Paul
1269. Charlie Kerfeld ATL by Paul
1270. Doug Sisk ATL by Paul
1271. Mike Bell ATL
1272. Jimmy Kremers ATL
1273. Kelly Mann ATL
1274. Victor Rosario ATL
1275. Geronimo Berroa ATL
1276. Marvin Freeman ATL
1277. Rusty Richards ATL
1278. Checklist 9
1279. Jose Rijo World Series HL Game 1 CIN
1280. Billy Hatcher World Series HL Game 1 CIN (3 hits)
1281. Joe Oliver World Series HL Game 2 CIN (game-winning hit)
1282. Billy Bates World Series HL Game 2 CIN (game-winning run)
1283. Chris Sabo World Series HL Game 3 CIN (2 HR's)
1284. Jose Rijo World Series HL Game 4 CIN
1285. Willie Randolph World Series HL Game 1 OAK (World Series hit in 3 decades)
1286. Billy Hatcher World Series HL CIN (most hits in 4-game series)
1287. Delino DeShields HL (4 hits in MLB debut) MON
1288. Ramon Martinez HL (18 Strikeout game) LAD
1289. Gary Carter HL (most games caught in NL) SF
1290. Bo Jackson HL (4 consecutive HRs) KC
1291. Cal Ripken, Jr. HL (errorless games as SS) BAL
1292. Mark McGwire HL (30 HRs in first 4 seasons) OAK
1293. Willie McGee HL (wins NL batting title while with AL team) OAK
1294. Reds Celebrate WS HL
1295. Danny Patterson TEX Future Star by Paul
1296. Rick Renteria SEA by Paul
1297. Danny Cox STL
1298. Jim Corsi OAK
1299. Dave Leiper OAK
1300. Todd Worrell STL
1301. Jose Guzman TEX
1302. Blaine Beatty NYM
1303. Tom Barrett PHI
1304. Pete Filson KC
1305. Joe Kraemer CHC
1306. Atlanta County Fulton Stadium ATL
1307. Wrigley Field CHC
1308. Riverfront Stadium CIN
1309. The Astrodome HOU
1310. Dodger Stadium LAD
1311. Brewers team photo MIL
1312. County Stadium MIL
1313. Mets team photo NYM
1314. Shea Stadium NYM
1315. Veterans Stadium PHI
1316. Pittsburgh Pirates team photo PIT
1317. Three Rivers Stadium PIT
1318. Busch Stadium STL
1319. Padres team photo SD
1320. Jack Murphy Stadium SD
1321. Giants team photo SF
1322. Candlestick Park SF
1323. Olypmic Stadium MON
1324. Memorial Stadium BAL
1325. Red Sox team photo BOS
1326. Fenway Park BOS
1327. Comiskey Park CHW
1328. Cleveland Stadium CLE
1329. Tiger Stadium DET
1330. Royals Stadium KC
1331. Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome MIN
1332. Yankee Stadium NYY
1333. Oakland Coliseum OAK
1334. The Kingdome SEA
1335. Rangers team photo TEX
1336. Ranger Stadium TEX
1337. Blue Jays team photo TOR
1338. Skydome TOR
1339. Marc Newfield SEA Draft Pick
1340. Todd Richie MIN Draft Pick
1341. Shane Andrews MON Draft Pick
1342. Donovan Osborne STL Draft Pick
1343. Adam Hyzdu SF Draft Pick
1344. Steve Karsay OAK Draft Pick
1345. Rondell White MON Draft Pick
1346. Gabe White MON Draft Pick
1347. Brian Williams HOU Draft Pick
1348. Scott Sanders SD Draft Pick
1349. Marcus Jensen SF Draft Pick
1350. 1990 NL All-Star Team
1351. White Sox Team CHW
1352. Yamil Benitez FS MON by Paul
1353. Duane Singleton FS MIL by Paul
1354. Luis Ortiz FS BOS by Paul
1355. Kirk Rueter FS MON by Paul
1356. Jimmy Hurst FS CHW by Paul
1357. Ricky Ledee FS NYY by Paul
1358. Shane Spencer FS NYY by Paul


(with help from reader Paul B.)

T133. Jim Thome
T134. Ryan Klesko ATL
T135. Juan Guzman TOR
T136. Javy Lopez ATL
T137. Pedro Martinez LAD by Richard
T138. Jim Palmer BAL by Richard
T139. Michael Jordan CHW by Richard
T140. Danny Heep ATL
T141. Paul Kilgus BAL
T142. Esteban Beltre CHW
T143. Ron Kittle CHW
T144. Fernando Valenzuela CAL by Richard
T145. Stan Jefferson CIN
T146. Rod Nichols CLE
T147. Dave Clark KC
T148. Nelson Liriano KC
T149. Terry Puhl KC
T150. Don Carman CIN
T151. Dan Schatzeder HOU
T152. Bill Long MON
T153. Nikco Riesgo MON
T154. Fred Manrique OAK
T155. Dave LaPoint PHI
T156. Mike Aldrete SF
T157. Denny Walling TEX
T158. Barry Lyons CAL
T159. Ron Darling MON by Thomas
T160. Curt Wilkerson PIT by Mark

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