Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Trade with Brett and PWE trading

A while ago, I held a contest post, where I gave away some customs to a few lucky readers. One of the winners, Brett, commented and asked for a '79 Topps Willie Mays coach custom. I was unable to reach him, as I couldn't find an email address or blog. I felt bad about it until recently. When John from Johnny's Trading Spot held his first Big Fun Game, Brett ended up picking a lot of reprint cards. I ended up picking some Wacky Packages stickers, but before I picked them, made a comment that the reprints looked good. Brett e-mailed me that he would be up for a trade for the vinatge cards. I mentioned to him that I still owed him some customs from the contest I held, so we ended up working a nice trade, where I found him some Mets and sent some customs and I got back a nice lot of Jacob DeGroms as well as some Detroit Tigers. 

I got around 15 new DeGroms for my collection. With all of this coronavirus stuff happening, I'm kind of surprised I haven't seen Jacob at any grocery stores here in DeLand, where I live. Jacob was born just outside DeLand and went to college there as well. I'd be a tad hesitant to ask for an autograph if I ever did see him, though, just with all of the worries about germs and stuff. 
The Optic card is sweet!  I need to pick up some more of those. Also included for my Favorite Player Collection is a '91 Leaf Hensley Muelens.
There were a bunch more Tigers, but these were some of my favorites. I apologize for the photo getting cut off. It was flipped 180 degrees, and when I flipped it on my phone, it cropped off a bunch of the top. The first 2 cards feature photos from Joker Marchant Stadium, Spring Training home of the Detroit Tigers. I saw a game there this spring before MLB suspended everything. The Newhauser is a reprint that got the talks going. The 3 '91 Studio cards put me close to finishing off that set. I've always been a Scott Livingstone fan. Somewhere, I have a picture of him in the bullpens at Joker Marchant in 1992. The '00 Topps Dean Palmer is a new one for me. I purchased the '00 Topps Series 2 set, so I just need a few Series 1 Tigers to finish that set off for me. Brett sent me a few new Miguel Cabreras to round out the picture, from left to right, 2019 Bowman, 2018 Optic, 2018 Topps '83 Anniversary insert, and 2018 Topps Chrome. Thanks for the great trade, Brett. I hope to do it again soon.

Speaking of trading, I don't know how many people are still up for trading while being stuck at home, but I was really hoping to do some trades without really having to leave home and expose myself to more germs at the Post Office. I have 12 forever stamps burning a hole in my wallet, so I figured, why not do some PWE trades. I would love to trade with some new people, as well as guys I've traded with before. If you are up for a PWE trade, hit me up in the comments or my e-mail, and just list me 5 players you are looking for, and 2 teams, and I should be able to come up with 4 or 5 cards to slip into a PWE, throw a forever stamp on, and drop into the mailbox. If you want to send something back,cool. If not, no biggie, it was only a forever stamp and a couple of cards. Please share this on your own blog so it reaches other blogs I haven't traded with or followed.

I have tomorrow off, but probably won't be able to get as much done on my checklists, as my 3-year-old son is home. His day care is shut down for a while as the coronavirus is still being transmitted pretty easily, and I am happy that they shut down just so my family has that much more of a chance of not catching it. Work is still crazy though. I would love to rant about it, but you don't want to hear it, so let's do some trading and take our minds off of it.

Thanks for reading my latest post.


  1. I'd be up for a PWE trade. I collect Dustin Pedroia, Kris Bryant, Clayton Kershaw, and Buster Posey among others. Also Chrome/Stadium Club singles if you have any recent ones. My email is (sutherlandct @ gmail .com) or you can leave a comment on my blog The Collector. Thanks!

  2. When I first posted about running the Big Fun Games, I stated that the prizes would be smaller and of a variety so that it might encourage trading among the players. It obviously worked, congrats on the trade. Looks like Chris is throwing his Wacky's in a trade pile too.

  3. I still think I got the better of the trade, but I'm glad you enjoyed what I sent! A lot of those DeGroms were cases where I bought something at a show that I already had--now I'm glad I did!