Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Templates 1989-2001

Well, I finally got out of the hospital and am going to try to post all of the templates that I have. If you have any questions or problems with any, let me know by commenting or emailing me at karensjer at gmail dot com, and I will get back to you.

This first one is the basic logo template I made. It has the First Round Draft Pick logos for the '89-'91 sets, as well as Future Star templates to add to the '89 and '90 sets, and a Season Highlight template for the '91 set.

This should be everything you need for the 1989 set. The checklist can be found here.

These are all you need for the 1990 set. I'm working on the checklist page. Here are the actual checklists I made for the set. 

And the templates for the set.

I don't have every one done for '91, but it's a good start and reader Paul B. is getting me the checklist for 1991-1995, so I'll have that up as soon as I can. 

I don't have every team for 1993, but I do have a few random templates for it. I'm looking forward to doing the coaches, and hope that they come out to an even number, because I don't know what I'm going to do if there is an odd coach to make a card of.

I have a few done for '94. 

The first template has most of the letters which I have cut out and added to the template from original cards since it is so difficult finding a font to match the originals. You should just be able to copy and paste each individual letter.

1996 is completely done. Checklist isn't made yet, but making the templates are half the battle. The coach cards will feature 4 per team, and the odd coaches out will get their own cards. 

This is another set where I cut out the letters. They need logos on each card, but you can probably swipe them from the 1996 templates.

A few of these have the whole picture cut out, and some don't. You can probably cut out the frame-like part and add it to the ones that have a whole picture in them. The prospects card is tricky, but if you can work with what I gave you, then you are a better custom maker than I am.

These are pretty easy to do, just add the team name, and rotate the card to add the player name. For the coach card, I just added a color bar, I need to make a manager template too. The manager cards I have done before are basically the same as the coach cards.

2000 is all the way done, just needs the checklist.

2001 is done, just needs the rest of the AL checklist made.

Thanks for checking out this post, and be sure to email me any cards you make if you want them included on my lists.

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