Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Dick Pole Project Part 12: 2001 Topps Dick Pole coach

The latest card in the Dick Pole Project is his 2001 Topps card. I was a senior in high school in the spring of 2001, and I eagerly tried to complete the 2001 Topps set when it came out. I would've loved for this card to be in the set. I went to a few Spring Training games every year, and had this card came out and I been a few years older and the internet had more info on it, I could've easily got this card signed at an Indians Spring Training game. I probably had the chance to get Pole's autograph a few times over the years, but didn't have any cards of him so I probably ignored him.

Pole would have 1 more season with Cleveland before moving to Montreal. I'm not quite sure, but it looks like Terry Francona in the background of the photo I used.

I haven't worked much on cards for this site lately (choosing to keep making backs in an effort to complete the 1992 Topps set), but that doesn't mean I will run out of cards for this site, as I probably have 40 or so cards in the reserves.  I will keep posting on and still keep making cards, don't worry.
Thanks for checking out my latest card.

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