Friday, March 18, 2016

1994 Topps Pete O'Brien

Today's card is a 1994 Topps Pete O'Brien, which would've been his sunset card. I'm kind of surprised that Topps didn't use him as a checklist replacement in the ToppsGold set that year. Dan Pasqua was one that year, and I always kind of thought him and O'Brien were similar, 1st Base-DH types who could hit homers at a good pace and had a specialty (O'Brien was an excellent fielder, Pasqua could also field pretty well and was probably a better power hitter).

Pete got his last Topps card in the 1993 set. He got a Topps card for every year that he played (1983 a Traded set, '84 regular set-'93 regular set) except for the '94 sunset card. Now he has one, and the 1994 Topps set is a little more complete. Thanks for checking out my latest card.

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