Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Coaches Center Part 5: 2001 Topps Bobby Dews

BIO: Bobby Dews was a coach for the Braves from '79-'81, 1985, and '97-'06. He also served in various roles like roving instructor before and after those periods.


TOPPS SETS MISSING FROM:  1980-1982, 1986, and 1998-2007

WHY I MADE THIS CARD: Bobby was one of the nicest guys in the game. I've seen him at least twice in person during spring training. The first time I mistakenly thought he was Bobby Cox, and I handed him Cox's 2002 Topps card to get signed. Dews signed it and told me it wasn't him. I was embarrassed but happy to have the autograph all the same. The second time, he was hitting flies to outfielders during BP, and I jokingly told him to hit some left handed to confuse the outfielders. He then told me that he was actually a switch hitter and he probably could. After he was done he gave me a ball and signed a Braves sticker for me. I heard Dews' name a lot watching Braves games on TBS as a kid, so I had always wanted to get a card of him, so those are the main reason I chose to give Dews a card. I decided to use the '01 Topps design in honor of the '01 Topps Cox card that he signed.

I've been doing a ton of '99 Topps Devil Ray customs and am 8 away from finishing the set. That means at some point there will be like 30 posts of Devil Rays in a row, but I may do 5 cards in a post or maybe do all of them in one, not sure. I also have a number of cards in the Dick Pole Project coming up (2000-2009). I'll probably do them one by one, but most of them use designs that I haven't used for coaches yet, so I feel justified in posting them individually. Thanks for checking out my latest custom.

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