Friday, February 5, 2016

1991 Topps Larry McWilliams

The latest custom card in my set is this 1991 Topps Larry McWilliams. Larry played in the Majors from 1978-1990. He is most famous for pitching in the game that stopped Pete Rose's 44-game hit streak in 1978. He also went 15-8 for the Pirates in 1983. He appeared on Topps sets from 1979-1987, and again in 1989. He was included in the '88 Traded set as a Cardinal, but not on the '88 regular set, which would've pictured him as a Pirate. That means the only Topps cards he is missing are from the '88 set, the '90 set, and his '91 sunset card. 

McWilliams is a pretty good ttm signer. When I used to to ttm autographs, I sent an '85 Topps and '89 Bowman card to Larry, and he signed them for me. I wrote a Bible verse with my signature on my letter, and he sent my letter back with a nice response on it with a few verses on it. I wish I would've made this custom back then. Btw, I got a new printer recently, and if I can figure out a good way to print my cards, I want to try to print some of these customs. I would love to print some of my favorites and put them in my binders. If any of you readers would like to print any of my customs for autographs, please just ask me and I'll try to get you a good image of my card (with or without the numbers on the bottom). Although I don't really do autographs anymore, I would love to see what some of these cards look like signed and would love to know what some of the players think of them.

There weren't many cards of McWilliams featuring him as a Royal, so I had to use an image from his 1990 Donruss card. The '91 Topps set is a little difficult to use, just because you have to cut around the team logo, the color lines, and the Topps logo, but I got it done without too much issue. The key is to finding a card image that is scanned pretty straight so you don't have to fix much. 

Thanks for checking out my latest custom.

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