Thursday, November 26, 2015

Missing Topps Cards Part 3: Phil Nevin ('93, '94, '95, '98, '99, and '00)

Phil Nevin was the #1 pick in the 1992 MLB draft. His first Topps card was in the 1991 Traded set in the Team USA subset. He was on the '92 Traded Team USA subset as well. For some reason, he didn't get a '93 Draft Pick card even though he was the #1 pick. He got a special 1993 Topps Golden Spikes Award promo card that was given away at the award ceremony. There are only believed to be 600 in existance. Topps didn't give him cards in '94 and '95, which is understandable since he was in the minors. In '96 he got a Coming Attractions subset card in the set, and he got a regular card in the base set in '97. He was passed over in '98, '99, and '00 as he was just starting to find his way in the Majors. From '01 till his final card year in '07, he appeared on Topps cards. 

I don't like how the '93 card turned out all grainy and weird, but it is the best version I have so far. I really like the '94 card because it features Todd Greene from my Favorite Player Collection, and also because it has Charles Johnson on it, who I did a 1993 Topps Coming Attractions card of a while back. Its kind of cool to have multiple cards that never were of a player. I think I will definitely do another Missing Topps Cards post of both of those players in the future. 

I really wish Blogger would let you add more labels to posts. On some posts that feature a few cards with multiple players, I have enough characters to usually tag the players and sets, but not enough to tag team names or subset names. I want to make the posts easy to sort by sets and players so people who are interested in all the missing Topps cards from a certain year can easily find them and so they can find all the missing Topps cards of a certain player, but I'm sure people also want to find all the missing Topps cards of certain teams too, and since a few posts I haven't been able to tag team names due to running out of characters, some cards will be missing from a team search (like all of the card in this post for example). 

I would like to wish all my readers a safe and happy Thanksgiving. I am slow cooking a ham right now as we speak, and will be putting a turkey in the oven pretty soon. Thanks for checking out my latest post. 


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