Monday, June 8, 2015

1996 Topps Dick Pole/Bobby Bonds/Wendell Kim/Bob Lillis

Well, I got over the shock of losing all of my custom card data and decided to start over from scratch. It won't affect this blog much, since the only thing I really repeatedly use on it is the "Jeremy's Custom Cards" logo. But my other blog will be basically starting from having 1992 Topps templates for all 28 temas to having to make templates for 22 teams. Sad day.

back on topic, today's card in the Dick Pole Project is his 1996 Topps card. I modeled it after the '96 Topps prospect subset. It also features Giants coaches Bobby Bonds, Wendell Kim, and Bob Lillis. I really like it.

I hope to work on Pole's '97 Topps card later in the week. Thanks for checking out my card.
- Jeremy

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