Monday, September 8, 2014

1980 Topps Highlights: Disco Demolition Night

While Topps hasn't normally done Highlight cards of promotions, and Disco Demolition Night was more of a catastrophy than a highlight, I thought I would make this card protraying one of the most memorable promotions in Major League History. In 1979, Chicago White Sox owner Bill Veeck wanted to generate more ticket sales, so he decided to have Disco Demolition Night during the middle of a doubleheader between the Detroit Tigers on July 12. A local DJ invited listeners to come to the game, which helped lead to the boost in attendance for the game. People could attend the game for 98 cents, and were invited to bring disco records to be burned/exploded in a giant bin in centerfield during the middle of the 2 games. The Sox drew a little over 15,000 people to the previous night's game, and Veeck expected maybe 10,000 to 15,000 more people to come to Disco Demolition Night. Over 50,000 people came. During the first game, many fans threw records on to the field. Many people broke into the stadium through windows and openings once the gates were locked. After the records were blown up, fans poured onto the field, tearing up grass, stealing the bases, and climbing the foul poles. The field had a hole in it from where the records were destroyed, and players could smell pot smoke and feared for their safety as fans chucked empty liquor bottles onto the field. The second game was postponed, and untimately forfieted. I don't believe any card companies have made cards comemmorating Disco Demolition Night, and I was surprised, seeing how Tristar Obak had a few cards that were different (first person to sell hot dogs at a baseball game, first person to catalogue baseball cards, inventor of Heisman Trophy), and all of the random cards that are in the Goodwin Champions and Allen/Ginter sets. Here is what Topps may have had their Disco Demolition Night card look like in their 1980 set.

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