1983 Topps Reference Page

Although my goal is to work with the 1989-2001 Topps sets, I decided to make a checklist page for the 1983 set for some of the guys on the Facebook Custom Card Group. As I get templates, I will probably post them as well.

793. Jose Alvarez ATL
794. Donnie Moore ATL
795. Pascual Perez ATL
796. Larry Owen ATL
797. Matt Sinatro ATL
798. Chris Chambliss Super Veteran CLE/ATL
799. Ken Smith ATL
800. Al Hrabosky ATL
801. Al Hrabosky Super Veteran STL/ATL
802. Paul Zuvella ATL
803. Bob Porter ATL
804. Albert Hall ATL
805. Paul Runge ATL
806. Tommie Aaron Coach ATL
807. Bob Gibson (Cardinals HOFer) Coach ATL by Michael
808. Dal Maxvill Coach ATL
809. Joe Pignatano Coach ATL
810. Rube Walker Coach ATL
811. Ken Kravec CHC
812. Dan Larson CHC
813. Herman Segelke CHC
814. Randy Stein CHC
815. Butch Benton CHC
816. Larry Cox CHC
817. Larry Bowa Super Veteran PHI/CHC
818. Bill Buckner Super Veteran LAD/CHC
819. Scott Fletcher CHC
820. Pat Tabler CHC
821. Dan Briggs CHC
822. Hector Cruz CHC
823. Mel Hall CHC
824. Ty Waller CHC
825. Billy Connors Coach CHC
826. Tom Harmon Coach CHC
827. Gordon Mackenzie Coach CHC
828. John Vuckovich Coach CHC
829. Jeff Keener STL
830. Larry Pashnick DET
831. Andy Rincon STL
832. Darrell Porter Super Veteran MIL/STL
833. Gene Tenace Super Veteran OAK/STL
834. Orlando Sanchez STL
835. Kelly Paris STL
836. Gene Roof STL
837. Chuck Hiller Coach STL
838. Hub Kittle Coach STL
839. Hal Lanier Coach STL
840. Dave Ricketts Coach STL
841. Red Schoendienst Coach STL
842. Billy Martin Manager All-Star OAK
843. Bob Lemon Manager All-Star NYY (would've participated if not fired before game)
844. Tommy Lasorda Manager All-Star LAD
845. Howard Bailey DET
846. Juan Berenguer DET
847. Dave Gumpert DET
848. Bob James DET
849. Aurelio Lopez DET
850. Mark Littell STL
851. Larry Rothschild DET
852. Marty Castillo DET
853. Mark DeJohn DET
854. Richie Hebner DET
855. Richie Hebner Super Veteran PIT/DET
856. Jack Morris Super Veteran DET
857. Alan Trammell Super Veteran DET
858. Lou Whitaker Super Veteran DET
859. Howard Johnson DET
860. Mike Laga DET
861. Eddie Miller DET
862. Glenn Wilson DET
863. Gates Brown Coach DET
864. Billy Consolo Coach DET
865. Roger Craig Coach DET
866. Alex Grammas Coach DET
867. Dick Tracewski Coach DET
868. Joe Edelen CIN
869. Ben Hayes CIN
870. Brad Lesley CIN
871. Bill Scherrer CIN
872. Mike O'Berry CIN
873. German Barranca CIN
874. Dave Concepcion Super Veteran CIN
875. Cesar Cedeno Super Veteran HOU/CIN
876. Clint Hurdle CIN
877. Gary Redus CIN
878. John McNamara Manager CIN
879. Joe Amalfitano Coach CIN
880. Harry Dunlop Coach CIN
881. Bill Fischer Coach CIN
882. Ron Plaza Coach CIN
883. Dan Boone HOU
884. Frank DiPino HOU
885. Gordon Pladson HOU
886. Mark Ross HOU
887. Bill Doran HOU
888. Kevin Bass HOU
889. Jose Cruz Super Veteran STL/HOU
890. Phil Garner Super Veteran OAK/HOU
891. Scott Loucks HOU
892. Larry Ray HOU
893. Tim Tolman HOU
894. Bill Virdon Manager HOU
895. Deacon Jones Coach HOU
896. Don Leppert Coach HOU
897. Mel Wright Coach HOU
898. Joe Beckwith LAD
899. Ted Power LAD
900. Candy Maldonado LAD
901. Steve Shirley LAD
902. Ricky Wright LAD
903. Don Crow LAD
904. Mark Belanger LAD
905. Steve Garvey Super Veteran LAD
906. Bill Russell Super Verteran LAD
907. Alex Taveras LAD
908. Mark Bradley LAD
909. Candy Maldonado LAD
910. Dave Sax LAD
911. Jose Morales LAD
912. Manny Mota (outfield) LAD
913. Manny Mota Coach LAD
914. Manny Mota Super Veteran SF/LAD
915. Marty Basgall Coach LAD
916. Mark Cresse Coach LAD
917. Danny Ozark Coach LAD
918. Ron Perranoski Coach LAD

I am going to sort each template by file type so they are easier to work with. First up are the .png files I have. On the circular photo, the ones that I made are colored pink so you can do the action shot first. After you finish the action shot, you can make the pink part white (which should be the background color), and then put another photo behind it to complete the card. For the coaches, I am probably going to use the manager templates for each team.

Here are the .jpg files I have.
Super Veteran thanks to Michael from the Facebook Custom Cards Group

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