1982 Topps Reference Page

Here are the missing players in the 1982 Topps set, along with any templates I have made.
A quick note about the cards, the manager and coach cards are just like the normal player cards, except for 'manager' or 'coach' listed where the position is. Also, if you make any cards to cross off of my list, I would prefer that they are made with templates I have made for this set, or with templates that match the team colors. I realize that the templates on the Topps website are very easy to use, but they do not match the '82 set, and I want it to look as close to the real set as I can. Since the '82 set has the facsimile autographs on the cards, I would also request that the cards have the autographs as well. SportsCollectors.net is a good source for pictures of autographs, as well as Google.com.

1982 TOPPS missing players checklist
793. Ryne Sandberg PHI
794. Jerry Ujdur DET
795. Duffy Dyer DET
796. Darrell Brown DET
797. Gates Brown Coach DET
798. Billy Consolo Coach DET
799. Roger Craig Coach DET
800. Sparky Anderson Manager DET by Richard
801. Alex Grammas Coach DET
802. Dick Tracewski Coach DET
803. Larry Rothschild DET
804. Jose Alvarez ATL
805. Preston Hanna ATL
806. Rick Matula ATL
807. Bill Nahorodny ATL
808. Matt Sinatro ATL
809. Brook Jacoby ATL
810. Paul Runge ATL
811. Ken Smith ATL
812. Albert Hall ATL
813. Larry Whisenton ATL
814. Bob Porter ATL
815. Bobby Cox Manager ATL
816. Tommie Aaron Coach ATL
817. Cloyd Boyer Coach ATL
818. Bobby Dews Coach ATL
819. John Sullivan Coach ATL
820. Dave Geisel CHC
821. Bill Hayes CHC
822. Scott Fletcher CHC
823. Pat Tabler CHC
824. Mel Hall CHC
825. Scot Thompson CHC
826. Gene Krug CHC
827. Joey Amalfitano Manager CHC
828. Gene Clines Coach CHC
829. Jack Hiatt Coach CHC
830. Peanuts Lowrey Coach CHC
831. Les Moss Coach CHC
832. Cookie Rojas Coach CHC
833. Joe Edelen CIN
834. Eddie Milner CIN
835. German Barranca CIN
836. Neil Fiala CIN
837. John McNamara Manager CIN
838. Harry Dunlop Coach CIN
839. Bill Fischer Coach CIN
840. Russ Nixon Coach CIN
841. Ron Plaza Coach CIN
842. Gordie Pladson HOU
843. Alan Knicely HOU
844. Dave Bergman HOU
845. Rafael Landestoy HOU
846. Jeffrey Leonard HOU
847. Bert Pena HOU
848. Scott Loucks HOU
849. Tim Tolman HOU
850. Bill Virdon Manager HOU
851. Deacon Jones Coach HOU
852. Don Leppert Coach HOU
853. Bob Lillis Coach HOU
854. Mel Wright Coach HOU

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