1957 Topps Reference Page

Here is the list of missing cards from the 1957 Topps set. Crossed off ones are ones that have been finished by myself or others. The card below has a list of fonts that were used for the original 1951 Topps set. I used Arial font when typing out the examples, but all you need to do is download the correct fonts if you don't have them.

408. Bud Black DET
409. Jim Brady DET
410. Ned Garver DET
411. Steve Gromek DET
412. Gene Host DET
413. Walt Masterson DET
414. Bob Miller DET
415. Virgil "Fire" Trucks DET
416. Pete Wojey DET
417. Hal Woodeshick DET
418. Charley Lau DET
419. Jay Porter DET
420. Walt Streuli DET
421. Wayne Belardi DET
422. Jim Brideweser DET
423. Fred Hatfield DET
424. Buddy Hicks DET
425. Chick King DET
426. Bucky Harris Manager DET
427. Joe Gordon Coach DET
428. Billy Hitchcock Coach DET
429. Jack Tighe Coach DET

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