1952 Topps Reference Page

Here is the list of missing cards from the 1952 Topps set. Crossed off ones are ones that have been finished by myself or others. The card below has a list of fonts that were used for the original 1951 Topps set. I used Arial font when typing out the examples, but all you need to do is download the correct fonts if you don't have them.

There is a nice 1952 Topps Site that has many customs on the home page, including announcer and team cards. When I get around to working on the checklist, this will probably be the first place I look for customs for the 1952 set.

408. Eddie Gaedel STL-A
409. Johnny Podres/Jim Gilliam 1952 Rookies BKLN
410. Dick Donovan BOS-N
411. George Estock BOS-N
412. Phil Paine BOS-N
413. Sid Schacht BOS-N
414. Ray Mueller BOS-N
415. Buddy Kerr BOS-N
416. Gene Mauch BOS-N
417. Bob Addis BOS-N
418. Luis Marquez BOS-N
419. Luis Olmo BOS-N
420. Billy Southworth Manager BOS-N
421. Jimmy Brown Coach BOS-N
422. Johnny Cooney Coach BOS-N
423. Bob Keely Coach BOS-N
424. Bucky Walters Coach BOS-N
425. Braves Field BOS-N
426. Johnny Logan BOS-N by 1952 Topps Website
427. Lew Burdette BOS-N by 1952 Topps Website
428. 1951 Boston Braves BOS-N by 1952 Topps Website
429. Jim Britt Announcer BOS-N by 1952 Topps Website
430. Henry Aaron/Mickey Mantle/Willie Mays/Jackie Robinson
431. Curt Gowdy Announcer BOS-A by 1952 Topps Website
432. Ted Williams BOS-A by 1952 Topps Website
433. Bill Evans BOS-A
434. Ben Flowers BOS-A
435. Paul Hinrichs BOS-A
436. Harley Hisner BOS-A
437. Chuck Stobbs BOS-A
438. Harry Taylor BOS-A
439. Les Moss BOS-A
440. Aaron Robinson BOS-A
441. Buddy Rosar BOS-A
442. Lou Boudreau BOS-A
443. Fred Hatfield BOS-A
444. Mel Hoderlein BOS-A
445. Al Richter BOS-A
446. Norm Zauchin BOS-A
447. Bob DiPietro BOS-A
448. Tom Wright BOS-A
449. Steve O'Neill Manager BOS-A
450. Bobby Doerr BOS-A by 1952 Topps Website
451. Earle Combs Coach BOS-A
452. Eddie Mayo Coach BOS-A
453. Paul Schreiber Coach BOS-A
454. George Susce Coach BOS-A
455. Hal Newhouser DET by 1952 Topps Website
456. 1951 Detroit Tigers DET by 1952 Topps Website
457. Van Patrick Announcer DET by 1952 Topps Website
458. Gene Bearden DET
459. Hank Borowy DET
460. Bob Cain DET
461. Paul Calvert DET
462. Ray Herbert DET
463. Earl Johnson DET
464. Dick Marlowe DET
465. Wayne McLeland DET
466. Hal White DET
467. Neil Berry DET
468. Al Federoff DET
469. Dick Kryhoski DET
470. Charlie Keller DET
471. Russ Sullivan DET
472. Doc Daugherty DET
473. Dick Bartell Coach DET
474. Rick Ferrell Coach DET
475. Ted Lyons Coach DET
476. Briggs Stadium DET
477. Dave Cole BOS-N
478. Blix Donnelly BOS-N

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