1951 Topps Reference Page

Here is the list of missing cards from the 1951 Topps set. Crossed off ones are ones that have been finished by myself or others. The card below has a list of fonts that were used for the original 1951 Topps set. I used Arial font when typing out the examples, but all you need to do is download the correct fonts if you don't have them.

53. Hank Borowy DET
54. Paul Calvert DET
55. Bill Connelly DET
56. Ted Gray DET
57. Ray Herbert DET
58. Art Houtteman DET
59. Fred Hutchinson DET
60. Hal Newhouser DET
61. Saul Rogovin DET
62. Marlin Stuart DET
63. Virgil "Fire" Trucks DET
64. Hal White DET
65. Joe Ginsberg DET
66. Frank House DET
67. Aaron Robinson DET
68. Bob Swift DET
69. Neil Berry DET
70. George Kell DET
71. Don Kolloway DET
72. Dick Kryhoski DET
73. Eddie Lake DET
74. Johnny Lipon DET
75. Hoot Evers DET
76. Charlie Keller DET
77. Pat Mullin DET
78. Paul Campbell DET
79. Red Rolfe Manager DET
80. Dick Bartell Coach DET
81. Rick Ferrell Coach DET
82. Ted Lyons Coach DET


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