Friday, January 11, 2019

First COMC haul of the year

I recently ordered a bunch of cards from COMC to help fill some holes in my Favorite Player Collection, as well as some binders I have going. It seemed like it took forever for them to come in, but they came yesterday, and I have took pictures and organized them, and now I will share them with you.
First up are relics, rookie cards, and sunset cards. It took me years to find a relic card of Hank Aaron and Bryce Harper that I felt were in my price range, and I found both during COMC's latest sale. The Grieve and Liriano rookies were big back when both players were hot. The sunset cards will go in my new sunset cards binder, and once that is finished, I will do a post on them, listing all of the sunset cards Topps made, as well as the ones they missed out on that I have made customs of.

A highlight card, some random shiny and meaningful cards. I plan to try to get all of the 1993 Topps Black Gold cards, and these winner/redemption cards have just about put that part of the set to rest. The first 4 cards in the picture will definitely go into my shiny/meaningful cards binder, and the rest will just go in my team binders that I am in the process of organizing.
 Next are some Detroit Tiger cards that I needed. Bobby Higginson was a fan favorite, so I am glad I got his rookie, and I was happy to find a real Casey Mize card (I did make a 2018 Topps custom for him).
 Rays/Devil Rays cards were a big part of this purchase. I picked up a ton of rookie cards of Rays that were hard to find back in the day, including the '99 Topps Traded Carl Crawford, '00 Topps Traded Chrome Rocco Baldelli, and '01 Topps Traded Toe Nash.

 I got a ton of cards for my Favorite Players binders. I added a number of autographed and relic cards, effectively putting a nail in the coffin of most of the players I am collecting that needed a relic or autograph of. A surprising find for me was the '96 Topps Preview Rafael Bournigal card. That card usually sold for like $11, and I could never find it on COMC. Not only were there like 12 of the card on the site when I looked, but I scored this one for under 2 dollars.
 Finally got a Paul DeJong relic, as well as an autograph of the late Greg Halman.
 The Lance Niekro autograph was constantly selling for 8 bucks on COMC, and I kept waiting until it got under 5 dollars, and it did, so I jumped on it.
 Got some Topps Dick Pole cards. More on that later.
 The last 4 cards for my PC binders.
 Even though this card looks normal size, it is a jumbo card, probably the size of a magazine.
 With the Topps Dick Pole cards, that finally makes my Dick Pole collection complete, giving him every Topps card that he has (or could have). I have made customs for his missing cards during his playing and coaching days, and now without further ado, here is the complete Topps Dick Pole Collection, with his regular Topps cards, and my customs included, 37 cards total.

Thanks for bearing with me on this post. I can't wait to get all of these cards in my binders. Once I finish all of my team binders, I will work on my Tigers and Rays/Devil Rays binders, and then finish it off with the Player Collection/Highlights/Rookie card/Sunset card binders. I assume by then I will have more guys to add to the PC binder because 2019 Topps and 2019 Topps Heritage will probably be out by then, and I will have at least 1 Ray/Devil Ray thanks to the amazing box/pack rip that Wes from Area 40 has recently done.  As I am organizing my PC binders, I will take pictures of each players cards, and then update the pages I made of them and list what I have, so it will be less confusing for anyone who decides to trade with me.

As for customs, the '84 set is coming along. I usually do my cards yearbook style, but for this project, I need to do it so each player who played in 1984 will get an '84 Topps (or '84 Topps Traded card), so I am done with the NL, and am working on the AL right now. When it is done, I will still have some coach/manager cards left in the Traded set, as well as some regular player cards and coach/manager cards left in the regular set. I will probably finish the Traded set first, and then do the regular set, and then get back to work on the '93 set. I will post some previews soon. Thanks for checking out my latest post.


  1. That's a nice healthy batch of cards! Love seeing the 1996 Black Gold cards featured in a blog post. I just need some of the winner cards to complete that set.

  2. Great haul and impressive Dick Pole collection!

  3. Love the Bazooka Blasts relic card design! And congratulations on completing your Pole collection.