Monday, November 3, 2014

1994 Topps Joe Carter World Series Highlights

This is another World Series Highlight card that Topps missed between 1982 and 1997. Most people know the story, but if not, I'll refresh everyone's memory. The Toronto Blue Jays were up 3 games to 2 on the Philadelpha Phillies in the 1993 World Series. They were down, however, by the score of 6-5 with runners on 1st and 2nd with 1 out when Joe Carter stepped to the plate. He belted a Mitch Williams pitch into the seats for a World Series-winning Home Run. The Jays won the championship, and that has been their last appearance in the playoffs.

I decided to use the Blue Jays design from the 1994 Topps set for the front, and use a horizontal back without a picture cutout. As I have said before, I think 1994 Topps is one of the hardest designs to work with as a custom card maker. I will be using it again soon, as the next card is a 1994 Topps highlight card of the Nolan Ryan/Robin Ventura fight.


  1. Hi, I came across your blog, as I was thinking about doing the same thing, making missing cards for players from 1990-1994. I am not planning on making cards for players who got cards in any major set, or minor league cards, but I wanted to do traded cards as well. Do you have templates for each team/year? Is there a specific program you use?

    1. Thanks for checking out my site Paul! I am actually working on making all of the missing cards from the 1992 Topps set. I have around 25 cards done and have them up on my other blog . I have most of the templates for 1992 Topps, I don't believe I have any that I saved from other sets, but I'm sure a basic one (especially for non-Topps sets would be pretty easy to make. I generally get scams for the card templates from, trading card database, and Google. I use Google for most of the pictures but if I need to, sometimes I'll use a minor league card or another card that I can work with. For team logos, Chris Creamor has a nice site, I believe it's sportslogos or something like that. I believe me and you are some of the only bloggers who do customs of '90's cards that never were but Bob Lemke does a great cards that never were blog of older cards. He also gave me some good tips if you are looking for more advice. As far as programs, I use Microsoft Paint (you can probably tell) and it usually gets the job done for a simple card with basic fonts. For something like 1994 Topps I have to cut and paste the individual letters and that can be tricky but for 1991, 1992, and 1993 Topps (except for the back) it works. I also have GIMP which is free and it has a wider selection of tools but I just haven't taken the time to learn it. If you have any more questions or need some templates I already have shoot me an email at karensjer at gmail dot come. Thanks again for checking my page out.

  2. Thanks, I'll check these tips out and let you know if I have any questions.