1977 Topps Reference Page

A note about this set: I aim to keep these cards as close to the real set as possible, and I would ask that all customs made in effort to be crossed off of this checklist should have autographs just like the regular set, and have a BLACK autograph, just like the regular set.


TEAMS LISTED: Atlanta Braves, Chicago Cubs, Cincinnati Reds, Detroit Tigers

661. Bill Laxton DET by When Topps had Balls
662. Dave Lemanczyk DET
663. Frank MacCormack DET
664. John Wockenfuss DET
665. Jerry Manuel DET
666. Chuck Scrivener DET
667. Marvin Lane DET
668. Dan Meyer DET
669. Fred Gladding Coach DET
670. Jim Hegan Coach DET
671. Joe Schultz Coach DET
672. Dick Tracewski Coach DET
673. Dick Pole BOS
674. Al Autry ATL
675. Mike Beard ATL
676. Jamie Easterly ATL
677. Preston Hanna ATL
678. Frank LaCorte ATL
679. Pete Varney ATL
680. Mike Eden ATL
681. Junior Moore ATL
682. Craig Robinson ATL
683. Pat Rockett ATL
684. Dave May ATL
685. Vern Benson Coach ATL
686. Chris Cannizzaro Coach ATL
687. Eddie Haas Coach ATL
688. Herm Starrette Coach ATL
689. Ken Crosby CHC
690. Tom Dettore CHC
691. Ken Frailing CHC
692. Buddy Schultz CHC
693. Geoff Zahn CHC
694. Oscar Zamora CHC
695. Tim Hosley CHC
696. Ed Putman CHC
697. Rob Sperring CHC
698. Jerry Tabb CHC
699. Mike Adams CHC
700. Steve Stone CHC
701. Champ Summers CHC
702. Wayne Tyrone CHC
703. Jim Marshall Manager CHC
704. Jack Bloomfield Coach CHC
705. Harry Dunlop Coach CHC
706. Marv Grissom Coach CHC
707. Jim Saul Coach CHC
708. Pat Darcy CIN
709. Don Gullett CIN
710. Rich Hinton CIN
711. Don Werner CIN
712. Ted Kluszewski Coach CIN
713. Russ Nixon Coach CIN
714. George Scherger Coach CIN
715. Larry Shepard Coach CIN

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